Are tired of watching old folder styles and want to change folder icon color? Or you are looking for a way to be more organized and quick while working? What is more stressful, that you may face hard times in finding your desired folder? As a matter of fact, if you have lot of worksheets, files and documents in your computer, you can save your time by keeping your folders different!

Wondering how? Well, there are ways of doing this. You are now able to change colors of the folders and give them your favorite color. Moreover, you are able to change icon of them as well. or if you don’t like yellow color, or you like being colorful, you are now able to achieve this, yourself (i.e through this simple route).

Customize Folder Backgrounds and Icons Color in Windows:

Change Folder Icon Color

Here, I am going to tell you how you are able to do this. So go on, and try it yourself for being more organized and productive:

What color do you want for folders?

Fortunately, we have software’s and tools for doing this. Let’s have a look over them:


Folder marker

Additionally, if you have this one for the purpose, there are 2 ways of doing this! It is user friendly and easy to install. The 1st one is:

  • Double click on the software or “open” it up.

  • Look out for your folder to change “its color”.
  • It’s a time to select the desired icon.
  • Here you have a great choice for “color coded folder custom icons
  • Furthermore, you are able to do this for various folders at once as well!

Change Folder Icon Color

  • Specifically for this, select “folder in navigation bar”.
  • Select multiple folders
  • *Follow the images for avoiding any confusion.

Change Folder Icon Color

  • Browse “colors tab”.
  • select “colors-main tab-user icons
  • here select the icon (look for suitable one)
  • To tell the truth, this is a way of giving your folders, custom icons.

On the other hand, if you don’t like the new icons or the look of the folders, you are able to return them back or restore them to their original look as well. in particular, this means, you always have control over your folders and specifically settings!

How To change my folder icon to a picture?

Speaking about this, if you have folder marker with you, you can always keep your folders different each day! This is because, custom folder icons, available are in different colors, ranging from dark-light. With, “rollback all changes” option, you can even return back to original icons at once! Moreover, if you copy folder to new position, the icon will remain the same, and you are able to “identify it”.

Don’t hesitate and try it out, as it is free! Don’t forget to share your experience and more tools, in the comments section as well.

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