Creating files or folders for the purpose of recording your valuable data or for any specific purpose is quite common. Moreover, it is common practice to use them later on, either in the business meetings or accessing them for another use. However, there are times when you may need to change the original date or last modified date of the created files or folders.

To tell the truth, you may this, “for showing this date to another person” or “may want it for your personal use”. Well, here I am not going to discuss, why you need specifically this one, but I will tell you the way to this easily.

Speaking about this, with availability of tools and apps for each purpose, many tasks are now easier than ever. Either you are looking for, “data management” or “another task”, you can do it without asking help from the pro! Here are some tools to help you in this one:

Let’s Change Last Created or Modified Date With Help of Tools:

Here are some most user friendly and reliable tools:

Bulk File Changer using FileDate Changer v1.1:

Either you are using 32 0r 64 versions of windows; you can use this tool to get the desire date for your folders or files. In a like manner, it is user-friendly and cost effective tool.

You can now change date easily:

  • Look for “file” and select it.
  • Likewise, click “add files“.
  • Select the file for which you want to change the date (i.e file or folder).
  • Similarly, select it.
  • Select, “actions-change/time attributes“.
  • At this point, you are able to change file time.
  • In particular, you have various choice of time.
  • Now select, “Do it“.
  • Likewise, go over to windows explorer, and look for the “new time“.

*look out and take help from the images, added here to guide you, throughout.

Set file date

In a like manner, this is another top tool for doing this. This is quite popular in windows XP users. it saves your time and effort as you can change date for multiple files or folders at once! It is another free tool.

There are various tools available as well for the purpose. The fact that. They are available for different prices. Moreover there are ways, to know about the exact date of creation or modification as well, if you are expert or check another article for this!

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