Tracking your assets and inventory items in warehouse can be carried out easily using barcode system. Furthermore, it keeps you updated and reduces room for human error, possible in other system. Additionally, it improves efficiency among your employees and saves time for other imperative chores. Either you are a part of “pharmaceutical store”, or “Production Company”, barcodes can help you in cutting down the extra costs and reduce room for cheats as well.

Besides this, data entry errors are common in busy operations in the business. Moreover, staff members hire for this specific purpose, can be reduce down as you are able to monitor all the stuff I front of you, on device. If you are introducing, other fast-paced systems, you may need this one as well!

You are now able to done this easily and efficiently in word and I am going to tell you how:

Use Microsoft Word as a Barcode Generator:

Convert text to barcode in word:

  1. Get Barcode font

Actually there are various “barcodes font” out there like, “code 39” or “QR codes”.

  • Before getting on, you need to download one.
  • To help you get started, you need to select the one.
  • Code 39 is popular choice, as it is easy to use and handle small text.
  • QR code is actually suitable, if you have lot of data to manage or convert to barcode.
  • Its barcode is different from rest, “mostly ending up in square box”.
  • If using, “QR code”, you need additional software, as well.

** These are free choices. There are paid choices available for the purpose as well.

  1. Install Barcode Font

  • Before using your barcode font, “you need to install it”.
  • Not to mention this, you need to open up, “downloads” in browser.
  • “Right click on archive”, and look up for “extract all”.
  • Likewise, you will see various files in folder.
  • Select the one “with TTF at end”.
  • Open it up.
  • Now click on the “install”, located on top left corner.
  • In a like manner, close this file.
  • Open new file, following, C-windows-fonts.
  • Here, you will see the new fonts, installed.
  1. Start Using Them in Ms Word:

** For this part, “increase the font size to see the text and barcodes clearly”.

  • In particular, go forward and type the text.
  • Like type,


  • At this point, select “this text”.
  • Select code 39.
  • Now you can see the text is converted to barcode.

Yes, this is that easy. Use it for other codes as well. Picture guide is available, throughout the process to guide you.  if you are unable to do it at any step, go through the process again.


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