Word tool is one of the most popular tools out there, to create personal or business worksheets and files. As a matter of fact, it is “user friendly” and “cost effective” choice among the rest. Alternatively, either your computer usually have a lot of folders, consisting of documents of different types. MS word documents are common in student’s life as well and they are essentially required by business owners as well.

In either event, you may get a message, “this file is corrupt” or “unable to open this file”. This can leave you in shock, if it is one of your important file, or document. In all honesty, you can prevent losing your important data or file using different techniques available for repairing your word file. Specifically, you can prevent losing your precious files now.

There are various ways available to deal with such a trouble. Here I am adding them:

Repair Your Corrupt Word File

  1. Built- in recovery

For this one, follow the way:

  • Use file open dialog, and follow route, “file-open”.
  • Now single click on the damaged file.
  • Ignore open button and look for the “black arrow”.
  • Now select, “open & repair”.
  • If this is successful, your file will open up.

This is most simple and efficient as well.

  1. Recovery converter
  • Use “open dialog” to access it.
  • As for this, in the drop down box, choose, “recover text from any file”.

In case your file is not repaired, from any of above, you have other choices too.

  1. Export the file & make copy of it

You may need to carry out this:

  • Admittedly, try saving file in another format.
  • In some cases, it simply solves down the problem and your file will open up.
  • Don’t forget to make copy of your original file.
  • In case, any of them result in corrupting the file even more, you have a better version of it, with you.
  1. Use open file via link

Check this out:

  • Either way, open up a new word file.
  • “type” any sentence, like

                      This is my file

  • Now save the file.
  • “Copy the text”, simply or using shortcut like “CTRL+C”.
  • Indeed, click on file and select new.
  • Look for the arrow on paste, and select “paste special”.
  • Now select, “paste link”.
  • Select formatted text or unformatted text.
  • Now, “right click” on the pasted link.
  • Look for, “lined document object “and select it.
  • Select links.
  • Browse for “open source button and select it”.
  • Now navigate the directory and find your damaged file.
  • Open it.
  • If the process is successful, the text from the damaged file will appear.

Step 1:

STep 2:


Step 4:

** As a matter of fact, if any of these are not successful, you may need to check your email, if you have a copy of it or you need to get third-party recovery tools. Run check disk or open up in draft mode are also other methods for this.


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